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June 29, 2010 OAK Horizons, a Spring Hill, TN InnerPass Enables Superior Online Educational Experience at Leading Medical Transcription and Coding Program

InnerPass Enables Superior Online Educational Experience at Leading Medical Transcription and Coding Program

Expands technology offering beyond Skype business users to higher education organizations

FRAMINGHAM, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--InnerPass, a well-known, premium Skype application used by businesses for collaboration, has recently focused on higher education; enabling education organizations to deliver Distance Learning with greater efficacy. OAK Horizons, a company providing medical training programs focused on transcription and coding is the most recent customer to recognize value in InnerPass Technology.

OAK Horizons develops curricula for medical transcription and coding for education organizations around the world.

“Moving beyond our target community of Skype business users and expanding our focus to include higher education organizations has been a great experience”

“When students first start their program, be it medical transcription, coding or billing, the course content tends to be very overwhelming,” says Kathryn Martin, owner and instructor at OAK Horizons. “The real-time introduction is very important and helpful, since the course content tends to overwhelm everyone at first. We set up an InnerPass meeting room and walk our students through the first lesson in real-time, and then throughout the semester hold check-in and help sessions. I think it really helps us to set the right tone with our students; that they’ll be learning the material through directed study, but there is real-time help and instruction if they need it,” says Martin.

As OAK Horizons looks to expand its roster of partnership and client organizations, Kathryn Martin realized she needed to set the organization apart from a growing field of competitors. She adopted InnerPass and leveraged the technology to implement a system that facilitates real-time collaboration, content sharing and tutorials between teachers and students. Instructors can invite students to small-group tutorials with a live-participation component, for those students who request extra time with an instructor.

InnerPass provides easy-to-use tools, including screen-sharing and “persistent” meeting rooms, which reduce the cost of online instruction, expand access to education and training opportunities, and bring client organizations to the leading edge of educational and training technology.

“Moving beyond our target community of Skype business users and expanding our focus to include higher education organizations has been a great experience,” says Steve Parsloe, CEO and President of InnerPass, “We understand that the efficiencies enjoyed by our business users, including expanded access to information, flexibility in work schedules and collaboration and, most importantly, cost savings can be passed along in a higher education environment as well.”

About InnerPass

InnerPass combines Voice, Meeting Content, Online Presence, File Sharing and Meeting Rooms. Moderators and educators can host one-time meetings or create persistent rooms for ongoing discussions. Since becoming a Premium Skype application, the InnerPass community has surpassed 2.6 million users. InnerPass is based in Framingham, Massachusetts. Investors include Stage 1 Ventures and Beacon Angels.

For more information, visit Skype and associated trademarks are trademarks of Skype Limited.

About OAK Horizons:

OAK Horizons is a curriculum developer continuing to create outstanding healthcare training products for education partners throughout the U.S. and abroad. Contact OAK Horizons at for more information.

InnerPass | Colleen Kelly | 508-620-4513 |

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July 1, 2009 OAK Horizons, a Spring Hill, TN Company Moves Forward

OAK Horizons (OAK) is pleased to announce that another OAK education partner

Columbia State Community College (CSCC) has received approval for their online medical transcription program offered through the office of CSCC Economic and Community Development. 

AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity) has only approved 18 schools across the U.S. and abroad in the past 4 years.  Kathy Martin of OAK Horizons says “This approval allows CSCC to open the door for military spouses and displaced workers to enroll and potentially receive funding for their education.”  Ron Beck of CSCC says “Since 2003 CSCC has offered the OAK online curriculum nation wide and we are excited about receiving the AHDI approval and supporting the education efforts for the military spouses and displaced worker.”

The OAK Horizons Internet-based training program has successfully provided the training to achieve the skills required for graduates to work in their home setting.  Vanessa, a single parent, says “Selecting medical transcription as a profession and completing the OAK training has permitted me to continue to be an at home mom and provide for my family.”

OAK Horizons is a curriculum developer continuing to create outstanding healthcare training products for education partners throughout the U.S. and abroad.  Contact OAK Horizons at for more information.

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November 11, 2008 OAK Horizons Incorporates Patent-pending HIM Knowledge Base into Online Medical Transcription Curriculum

Contact: Jerry Simmons
InterFix, LLC

OAK Horizons Incorporates Patent-pending HIM Knowledge Base into Online Medical Transcription Curriculum

Online educator leads Industry in preparing students for Employment opportunities with BenchMark KB™ knowledge base.

Atlanta, Georgia, November 12, 2008 – OAK Horizons deploys the BenchMark KB™ knowledge base into their online curriculum and online continuing education programs for medical transcriptionists. This initiative is an important part of OAK Horizon’s continuing strategy to prepare students for meaningful employment upon graduation.

In use by leading Medical Transcription Service Organizations (MTSOs), BenchMark KB sets universal health data quality standards and deploys them to the workstation level, integrating them into the document creation process and improving health data quality.

“It makes sense to train our students on BenchMark KB because it is a tool that they will be using when they enter the workforce” stated Kathy Martin, AHDI-F and partner in OAK Horizons. “We know it will help our students place with the best transcription companies more quickly, because they will be well versed using the latest tools that are being adopted by all of the leading MTSOs. This means they will produce higher quality documents, require less company training, and make them more productive right from the beginning of their employment.”

BenchMark KB provides its users with a robust knowledge base including Stedman’s medical terminology and drug name content, a referring physician database, the AHDI Book of Style, mentoring tools and best practices, all delivered via web services in real time.  Developed by InterFix, the Knowledge Base is part of a research initiative with the Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity (AHDI).

According to Scott Faulkner, CEO of InterFix, LLC, “As a leader in the medical transcription education space, OAK Horizons understands the importance of its role in providing tomorrow’s workers with the tools they need to create quality documentation in a real-time environment after graduation. In use by MTs on four continents, BenchMark KB has demonstrated its ability to improve productivity and quality measurements in production environments.  By training on these same real-life tools, OAK Horizons prepares its students to be some of the most sought after candidates in our industry.”

OAK Horizons was originally founded in 1994 under the name of Health Information Career Development Institute, a NYS licensed proprietary school.  In July 2002 a decision was made to prepare the curriculum for delivery on the Internet. . In this way OAK Horizons addresses the growing need in the healthcare and medical transcription industries for qualified, productive, versatile medical transcriptionists.  OAK Horizons partners with colleges and schools around the world to provide this internet-based curriculum as developed from the AHDI Model Curriculum.

InterFix, LLC is a software engineering and information technology consulting company based in Atlanta, GA, USA.  InterFix is the integration and automation-engineering partner to hundreds of transcription services, clinics, hospitals, government entities, and healthcare software vendors on four continents, the CARICOM Region, and across the United States.

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January 01, 2004 AHDI Medical Transcription continuing education needs met by OAK Horizons online education program

AHDI has approved OAK Horizons' specialty modules for continuing education credits and awarded a total of 8 credits per module allocated as 4 Medical/Clinical, 2 Medical/MT Tools and 2 Technology.

Intended for the experienced medical transcriptionist, this is an opportunity for the professional transcriptionist to increase knowledge and skills, improve quality and production, and learn timesaving research techniques.
Some of the Specialty Modules are:
•  Cardiology
•  Respiratory
•  Neurology
•  Female Reproductive
•  GU/Male Reproductive
•  Gastroenterology
•  Ophthalmology/Audiology/Senses
•  Dermatology
•  Endocrinology
•  Genetics
•  Psychiatry
•  Pathology/Oncology
•  Radiology/Nuclear Medicine
•  General Surgical Procedures
•  Orthopedics
     Each module covers anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, laboratory, word building, terminology, procedures, special tests, and diseases as they pertain to the particular specialty. Participants transcribe physician dictations including chart notes, histories and physical exams, discharge summaries, initial office evaluations, consultations and letter formats utilizing transcription guidelines as they pertain to the specialty/body system.
     There is continual testing and evaluation throughout the program. Assignments are auto-corrected and feedback is provided regarding the participant’s transcription of actual physician dictations.

Course Overview


Experience as a Medical Transcriptionist

Time Commitment

5–10 hours per week for the 3 week course commitment.


See the AHDI web site for classes and start times.


See the AHDI web site for cost.

Delivery of Program

Participants register with AHDI and proceed through the course work on the Internet utilizing an established education platform.

Minimum Hardware

•  486 processor
•  64Mg RAM
•  Windows '98 or higher
•  Soundcard
•  15" monitor

Software Requirements

•  Microsoft Word - version 97 or higher (MS Word is the most commonly used software in the industry and is required for its compatibility with other required software)
•  Internet Explorer 5.0 or higher (IE 5.5 sp1 is not supported by WebCT) or Netscape Navigator 4.76 or 6.2.1.

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