Continuing Education is a requirement
and we've got it at OAK Horizons


Continuing education is a requirement for various professionals in the healthcare field in order to remain current and credentialed.  Growing companies wanting to improve the skills of their current workforce, professional organizations needing to provide their membership with education that will enhance their skills or individuals desiring to achieve success utilize the OAK Horizons  online opportunities. Many of these opportunities are already pre-approved for continuing education credits by some professional organizations, one of which is AHDI, the Association for Healthcare Documentation.  Education in the healthcare field is viewed as an essential part of  career growth. 

Currently  OAK Horizons has  many online education modules  to include medical terminology, anatomy and physiology,  body systems/medical specialties, medical transcription by specialty, introduction to speech recognition, medical coding by specialty, etc.

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The OAK Horizons vision “Opportunities Abound with Knowledge’ applies to organizations and individuals alike.  OAK Horizons works with individual companies as well as professional organizations to improve the skills of  the workforce.  Identify your need, (individual, corporate or professional organization) and contact OAK Horizons for new or current training information in the healthcare field.  We customize training for you.
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