OAK Horizons is looking for qualified
students to train for a growing industry


Medical transcription, medical coding, and medical billing are all medical professions searching for qualified people.

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Some of these provide an opportunity to work from home as an employee or find your own work and work as a contractor while others work onsite for an employer.

Job opportunities exist in many areas such as medical transcription service companies, hospitals, physician offices, multi-specialty medical practices, radiology offices, medical billing companies, insurance companies, legal offices, etc. The healthcare environment is exploding in growth and opportunities for the person with a quality, “real world” education. It is important to identify what fits your interest. The medical field is changing everyday.

  • Do you like to continuously learn and grow?
  • Do you like to type or are you good at research and finding the most appropriate result to the documentation you are reviewing?
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  • Do you like to work from home or do you prefer to be in an office setting?
  • Do you want to help patients, but the thought of injecting them with needles, empting bed pans, taking urine samples, cleaning wounds, etc. stop you from joining the healthcare team?

If so then entering into a professional career as a Medical Transcriptionist, Medical Coder or Medical Biller may be for you!  

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