Read some testimonies about how
OAK Horizons training has changed lives


Melissa L., a new Mom with a desire to stay home when her baby when arrived planned to accomplish that goal by taking this online course. She completed it in approximately 9 months, all from home!! As Melissa said “I could take the training over the Internet in the evening from home while I maintained a full time job during the day.” Now she receives information to transcribe over the internet, allowing her to accomplish both of her goals – be with her baby and work from home.

Tracy C. wanted to make some changes in her life and researched the career in medical transcription. Shortly after her enrollment in the course she discovered she had cancer. She was able to get through the chemo treatments and continue the course because she could do it from her home. Tracy says, “It’s exciting to see where I was, what I have been through, and to see where I am now. I am cancer free and have a job that I really enjoy!” Tracy works for SPi (an international medical transcription company) in their Lawrenceburg, TN location.

Vanessa J. is a single mother of 3. Vanessa says “as a single parent, I spent several years working outside of my home and though I have been truly blessed in regards to jobs, I was not the full-time parent I felt my children deserved and needed. As a medical transcriptionist, I have the ability to support my family and be there for them at the same time. I home school my son and have a 3-year-old with me daily. There is no other job I know that will allow me this ability to be a full-time mother while providing the total income to run my household.”

Kecia shares “The OAK Horizons program prepared me well for seeking employment after graduation and landing my first job. I sent resumes and cover letters to companies who would take a satellite internet connection as I am limited to such and I was offered a job by 4 companies whose pre-employment tests I had passed. This is a testament to the excellence of the program and the instructor. The program provided me the materials, knowledge, and experience I needed to make it in the real world.”

Peg S. shares "For me the biggest help the CMT Prep course provided was to help me think in test mode. The course allowed me to focus my studies where they were needed instead of just studying broadly. I can say that this was definitely a case of working smarter, not just harder. I truly consider the OAK Horizons course as giving me the confidence I needed to succeed in the exam. I sat for my CMT exam November 2007 and passed. Thank you OAK Horizons for helping me gain this important goal in my professional life. ”
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