OAK Horizons provides customized training for the healthcare industry


Quality medical transcription training, education, and curriculum development has made OAK Horizons an industry leader in the healthcare environment. In July 2002 we prepared our original classroom curriculum for delivery on the Internet addressing the growing need in the healthcare and medical transcription industries for qualified, productive, versatile medical transcriptionists.

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OAK Horizons’ primary goals are to increase knowledge, efficiency, and versatility thus improving productivity, quality and job readiness. This is accomplished through our high quality, comprehensive online medical transcription & coding curriculum for the new learner.  Online continuing education for the experienced practicing medical transcriptionist became a reality in 2004 when OAK Horizons partnered with AHDI (Association for Healthcare Documentation Integrity), the national medical transcription association.

Medical coding became a new OAK Horizons offering in 2008.  The coding curriculum was developed with the same emphasis for high quality and comprehensiveness preparing the graduate for the healthcare working environment.

OAK Horizons courses are offered through our education partners for their students. Upon finishing the course a certificate of completion is given to the graduate plus an opportunity for a trial pre-employment online test, and a referral to potential employers.   [contact us]